How to get started

And We're Off!

Start the Tutorial by clicking the "Play Crypt-Oink" button and begin learning the basics.

Train and get Stronger!

From the Training Center, Let's Bulk up!
The criteria for each League is as follows:

  • Rookie: From 3 years
  • Semi-Pro: From 7 years
  • Pro: From 8 years and 6 months

Place high in races and win prizes!

Advance to new leagues by earning "Coink" in Races.
In the race selection screen, the amount of Coink necessary is displayed

Breed Crypton that will fast in Races!

In the "Marketplace" Crypton can be Bred.
If the Parents posses strong Skills and other traits, the next generation will be born even stronger!

Breed for Strength or Appearances! Breed the kind of Crypton YOU like!

Crypton usually hold the similar traits to their parents, but occassionally totally new apperances are born.