Trial Race Now Open!
Start Racing Today!
Get a first hand look at what our future races will be like!
Our Crypton Racing mini-game Beta is planned to drop in December!
Play now!
All About Our Trial Run
Our trial race is a little taste of what our upcoming racing game has to offer!
In paticular, it showcases a little of what our image for the racing portion of the game is.

When you see the flashing green button on your screen, left click or use your space bar (PC) or tap your screen (mobile) to "cheer" on your Crypton!
  • Users will not need a wallet address to participate in our trial races.
    ※A Twitter account or wallet address will be required for our upcoming beta.
  • Our trial race will NOT be accessible via our Android applicaton.
  • Users will only be able to use a pre-decided Crypton during the trial.
  • There are no race rewards planned for our trial race.
  • The trial race is a first look at our overall game system and is not representative of a finished product.
    This verison may differ from the official beta and later versions.

※Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our trial race or Crypton in general.
What is Crypt-Oink?
『Crypt-Oink』is a blockchain oriented game that utilizes the cryptocurrency Ethereum and gives the user the ability to trade, breed, and find unique creatures called Crypton.
※Crypt-Oink is produced and managed by a Japanese firm.
A Race to Remember!!
Crypton Racing or「Gran Ton Rismo」is an upcoming racing game
where Crypton owners can pit their Crypton against other owners' Crypton in an all out dash for the finish.
Crypton will race, dodge, and dart over unique obstalces where they will aim for the gold in Crypton fashion.
Think your Crypton has what it takes?